Ben Osman

Environment Art | Game Design | Illustration
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Main games & Experiences

Creating worlds, building environments

The Unknown Village

Environment Artist / Concept Artist

A short exploration experience inspired by the West African culture and the Afro-futurism genre

Would You Like Some Limbs?

Lead Artist / Environment Artist / Sound Designer

An atmospheric narrative-driven game taking place in a dystopian futuristic South Africa.

Barren Lands

Lead Artist / Environment Artist / UI Designer / Sound Designer

A post-apocalyptic choice game that represents madness causes by loneliness

One Week Games

One week, One theme, One game – Art, Code, Design


A selection of analog & digital artworks


Trying out new ideas, new techniques

Hibernaculum - A game concept's trailer made out of the theme "Impure"

Illustrations in games

A Wolf in The City - A series of illustrations which aims to raise awareness about the forests' disappearance and its impact on wildlife
Nebula - A meeting between film, space and analog moving textures.


Mylène Ben Osman

is a Visual Artist & Game Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work essentially focuses on environment art and the creation of meaningful games and experiences.
Mysteries of the mind and dark nature are themes that are often represented in her creations. And used to convey strong emotions to her audience.

Game design student in Berlin University of Europe Applied Sciences