Hibernaculum is a game concept's trailer made out of the theme "Impure".
Organic elements growing out of organs are a way to represent pain and infection. But also beauty and body evolution.

The contradictory emotions that the viewers can feel are an important part of the project. It is a way to create an uncomfortable mood and convince the idea of impurity.

My Role

Game Design Concept / Film Realisation / Music Composition

  • Reflection on a game play idea
  • Find a coherent game aesthetic that respects a given theme
  • Experimenting with diverse visual techniques: From hand drawing to collage
  • Film Montage and Editing
  • Music Composition & Sound Design

My Process

Mixing up hand drawing, photo montage & collage helped me to:

  • Speed up the visual’s creations
  • Obtain a unique style

Playing around with filters and blending techniques allowed me to solve problems like:

  • A lack of coherence between the different images
  • Elements not being enough visible among the others.

The gameplay

Three game design papers that helped me creating the final game play


I visualized “Impure” as an esoteric concept: the idea of monsters and the way society and religion could perceive those creatures.

In an other hand, “Impure” was for me an abstract concept. Something untouchable. Which can be inside all of us but which can’t be seen.

Ikuma Nao's - Etching
Roa - Kangaroo
Brookesia Studio - Puppy Flower
Brookesia Studio - Gold cardboard
Hayao Miyazaki - Mononoke
Laveyinthehouse - Snake
Nicholas J. Strausfeld - Visual neurons in blowfly

Doug Starn Mike Starn - Black Pulse 3 (lambda)
Valerie Turton - Ritual Drawing
Anish Kapoor - Chaos
Anouck Faure - Mers intérieures
Eemeling - Hobbyist
X-Ray - Snake


Mylène Ben Osman

is a Visual Artist & Game Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work essentially focuses on environment art and the creation of meaningful games and experiences.
Mysteries of the mind and dark nature are themes that are often represented in her creations. And used to convey strong emotions to her audience.

Game design student in Berlin University of Europe Applied Sciences