Is that all there is to the World?

Is that all there is to the World? is an interactive illustration book that bridges the theme of apocalypse and self-introspection. Created primarily with black ink, each paintings call for a reflection around the social and environmental state of the Earth. Through depictions of collapsing nature and unreal characters, the book highlights the loneliness that can be felt within society.

My Role

Illustrator / Game Designer / Book Layout Designer

This project introduced me to the magic of black ink and the one of interactive book. It gave me the occasion to develop a painting style that finds itself between apocalyptic and poetical.

Main Tasks

  • Creation of a coherent art & narrative concept
  • Sketching & painting of each images
  • Creation of a playful & functional layout
  • Creation of a gameplay & a branching narrative
  • Book printing & binding

Draft of the branching narrative

Notes & first tests of the book

The original paintings


Mylène Ben Osman

is a Visual Artist & Game Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work essentially focuses on illustration, environment art and the creation of psychological or conscious experiences. Themes such as mysteries of the mind and dark nature are often represented in her creations, conveying strong emotions to her audience.

Game design degree at the Berlin University of Europe Applied Sciences