"Nebula" is a meeting between space and analog moving textures.
Those very close shots aim to represent our far away galaxy, and its impressive celestial objects, the nebula.

Music made in collaboration with Tsun Dv... And his nice synths:


Thank you to Susi Sie for this amazing workshop:


My Role

FIlm Realisation / Film Editing / Music Composition

  • Creating and experimenting with analog moving textures
  • Mounting the film with the idea of giving rhythm to it
  • Use of analog synthesizers in collaboration with a music composer

The Team

Mylène Ben Osman (Film Maker, Music Composer)
Tsun DV (Music Composer)


Mylène Ben Osman

is a Visual Artist & Game Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work essentially focuses on environment art and the creation of meaningful games and experiences.
Mysteries of the mind and dark nature are themes that are often represented in her creations. And used to convey strong emotions to her audience.

Game design student in Berlin University of Europe Applied Sciences