The Unknown

The Unknown Village is a short exploration experience inspired by the West African culture and the Afro-futurism genre. It takes place in a spiritual village where technologies and ancient traditions come together.
This project was developed in 2019 over a period of three months by four game design students.

My Role

Environment Artist / Concept Artist

This project gave me the occasion to research on the different West African
cultures, architectures, vegetation. And learn more about the Afro-futurism genre.

Main Tasks
  • Assets Concept Art, Modeling and Texturing
  • Play and experiment with particle effects
  • Scene creation and Lighting


House Model / Concept

Hut Model / Concept & Its Particles Effect


Mohamed Aly Rabie - Roots
Steven Cormann - Africa
Jeryce Dianingana - Wakongo River - Beyond Human Challenge
Evozon Game Studio - African Sacred Tree
The Utopia Places - Padang Gurun Bolgana
Laurie Spencer - Ceramic Domes
Emilio Grasso - Grand Armillary
Mime - Savannah Environment

Other Concepts & Ideas

The Team

Mylène Ben Osman (Environment Artist, Level Designer, Concept Artist)
Annastasiia Holumbovka (Environment Artist, Concept Artist)
Kristina Ruseva (Environment Artist, Concept Artist)
Michele Battistioli (Environment Artist, Concept Artist)
Igor Girio (Sound Designer)


Mylène Ben Osman

is a Visual Artist & Game Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work essentially focuses on illustration, environment art and the creation of psychological or conscious experiences. Themes such as mysteries of the mind and dark nature are often represented in her creations, conveying strong emotions to her audience.

Game design degree at the Berlin University of Europe Applied Sciences