A Wolf In The City

A Wolf In The City is a series of illustrations which aims to raise awareness about the forests' disappearance and its impact on wildlife, like the one of wolves.
This project which plans to become an interactive experience, stages the crossing of an increasingly modern city by a wolf which sees his forest burning.

My Role

Illustrator / Visual Effects Artist / Narrative Designer

During this project, I explored the power of silhouettes and the way objects' shapes gain a lot of importance when they have no more colors and textures.

Main Tasks
  • Creation of the narration
  • Illustrations of the entire project
  • Playing around with particle system and visual effect



Cut Out

Final Animation

Concepts & Moodboard

Action_7 - Glitch Hologram Transitions Loop
Ciné Si - Michel Ocelot

The Team

Mylène Ben Osman (Illustrator, Visual Effects Artist)
Tsun DV (Sound Designer)


Mylène Ben Osman

is a Visual Artist & Game Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Her work essentially focuses on environment art and the creation of meaningful games and experiences.
Mysteries of the mind and dark nature are themes that are often represented in her creations. And used to convey strong emotions to her audience.

Game design student in Berlin University of Europe Applied Sciences